Saturday, December 6, 2008

meet my family..

hey guys! so here are a few peekures we took at the

Gaylord Texan Convention Center/ Hotel... it was

a chance for me to hangout with my familia which

I don't do enough.. and oh course a photo op.. what's

better then that... I figured I'd share it with you guys

and it's a way for you to meet my beautiful familia...

happy holidays y'all! ^_^

shopping is a must!

so here are my latest haul items! I'm so excited because I was finally able

to get my very first NARS blush! I was able to get Orgasm with Laguna....

and a lipgloss: female trouble... all thanks to my mommy! I was there for

my shu uemura eyelash curler.. which I am so in love with by the way..

and I got sucked into a world of fun..yay me! ^_^ it's taking forever and

a day for my stinking video to load.. but you guys gotta check it out..

my bratty older sister is a background prop... ^_^

i got mail...

hey! i'm so excited... i finally was able to go pick up my long awaited package from my youtube buddy Olina! Thanks buddy! ^_^ I'm so loving them and although I am a Diva I must say that these are my very first red shoes... yay me! They are obviously red, made of suede, and super cute... and the best part is they are made by WILD DIVA... LOL ^^

Friday, December 5, 2008

3:44 am

it's late.... early depends how you look at it i guess... but the point is i'm still widdde awake! Good news though I'm off the next two days..yay me! I'm such a procrastinator and I really need to stop that.. I put all the things that can wait first and all the important things last.. for example.. my car needs to be inspected... [since july..] I need to find my immunization records for school... and I gotta go get my shu uemura eye lash curler at sephora ..finally! so which one out of the three do you think is top priority?!?

.... i'm meeting my co-worker at forever 21 tomorrow because she works there part time and she gets 20% discount... yay me! too bad it's not payday..
( . _ ; ) saddens me...

.. i shall sleep now.. a diva is a bad diva without her sleep... mwah! ^^

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

maybe it's maybelline...

hey guys! it's me Nashrin and I'm super duper excited because i found a new way to keep in contact with you guys aside from my youtube channel! It's easier in some ways when it comes to loading time... so much more faster because it's fun loading peekures so you guys can get a better look...

so here it is my latest love! it's my new maybelline lash stiletto along with my colossal volume express... i comp ad it at walmart for CVS buy 1 get one free it runs all this week... SoooOoo i used it today at work and i loved it! no clump.. no fuss... and great even though i forgot to curl my lashes... after some research I found out that it doesn't official come out in the market until january.. so there is a chance that i live in a test market and that's why i have it at my walmart.. but you guys have got to try them out and i will be loading the video soon....